GUTTO SNAIL CREAM is a protein cream that can be used for all skin types and for all ages. This face cream is described as a “Timeless repair cream”. Gutto Snail Cream significantly helps increase moist reservation capacity of skin, helps restoring skin, helps reducing wrinkles and blemishes and fights acne.

GUTTO SNAIL CREAM is a totally natural product. It contains all mystic components of Snail fluid as well as snail extract. The snail shell has the unique quality of restoring itself with its own snail fluid whenever the shell is damaged. This unique quality has been formulated into cream by GUTTO to help you overcome skin blemishes, acne, wrinkles, after birth scares and many more skin related problems.

Skin ageing is a natural process. However genetically it differs person to person and is a course of nature that happens sooner or later. Decrease of hormones like testosterone and estrogen triggers the ageing process. These two factors cause oxidation in collagen and elastin bonds. As a result of grouping of these bonds skin becomes loose and loses elasticity. Natural course of ageing is not the only single cause of loose and non-elastic skin. UV ray of Sun also play an important role in this process.


Use before sleep, cleaning the area with water. Apply on the cleaned area in small amount and keep smearing until the skin absorbs the cream completely. Avoid overusing the cream. And wash the applied area in the morning. Avoid sun shine after usage. Recommended as night cream.

FACIAL: Effective against acne, pimples, wrinkles and black spots.

CRACKED SKIN: apply twice a day on the cracked marks to have effective results

BURNED SKIN AND WOUND SCARS: It can be applied both on the new or old scars. It can only be applied on the wholly healed wounds. It can’t be applied directly on the fresh wounds.

AFTER SUNBATH: As a result of its strong content prevents the formation of black spots resulting from sunshine at the same while helping the decrease of redness, burn and irritation formed on skin due to sun.


Allantoin: Helps restoring the skin

Collegen: Helps tightening the skin

Elastin: Helps regaining the elasticity to the skin

Glycolic acid(%1.6): Helps getting rid of the dead skin cells

Anti-sebum: gets rid of oily skin

Syricalm : helps healing scars & wounds & skin rashes and blemishes

Vitamins: Helps reviving the skin with natural healthy glow


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